An out of the ordinary job

I love jobs that are different to the norm and recently I spent a couple of days working on a project that I can honestly say I have never done before for a client, although I had done a similar shot once for my own portfolio. I do quite a bit of work with the creative agency BMF and I was asked to work on a project for the agency themselves, rather than one of their clients.  I helped create an entire cookbook where only one dish was actually cooked and the recipes were all written out on blackboards by Roger, an amazing signwriter. My part of the job was to help design each board then arrange all the raw ingredients onto the board to create the ‘recipe’. The actual recipes had been contributed by the team at BMF but I had to make each recipe come alive on the board. Working with a great fun team from BMF, we worked our butts off but it was seriously worth it. Here are some of my favourites from the day – what do you think?

slow cooked leg of lamb

Chocolate brownies

I have a feeling lots of BMF’s clients are going to be asking for future work in the style of this book.

sign writing

Here’s Roger working on one of the boards. Sometimes he could do the words and images before I put the food on, but often it wasn’t practical so he had to work around the ingredients. A couple of times there was a last minute spotting of a spelling mistake that involved intricate rubbing out, rewriting and ‘smudge’ removing.

Avocado sandwich

 Luckily the two mistakes on this board were spotted before it was finalised!

The finished cookbook “Beautiful Mouthfuls of Food” is the Christmas gift to the clients of BMF and I really hope I get one in my stocking too! Thanks Gav, Rita and the rest of  BMF and happy Christmas!

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  1. This was really interesting and a very different approach. I liked the simplicity of the actual menus as well as the effectiveness of the presentation. The picture of Roger working round the ingredients that you had already attached was really useful in understanding the proces.

    Great display.


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