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An out of the ordinary job

I love jobs that are different to the norm and recently I spent a couple of days working on a project that I can honestly say I have never done before for a client, although I had done a similar shot once for my own portfolio. I do quite a bit of work with the creative agency BMF and I was asked to work on a project for the agency themselves, rather than one of their clients.  I helped create an entire cookbook where only one dish was actually...

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Having fun and working with OzHarvest

What a great day I had yesterday. As a freelance food stylist and food writer I am always interested in new challenges and I’ve found a brilliant new area of work that I’m loving and felt I needed to share the love! I’ll apologise right now, this is quite a long post, so sit down with a cup of tea and read on. It’s worth it. I’ve started doing some work for OzHarvest. For those who don’t know who OzHarvest are, they are an...

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What a fabulous month for the Hungry Campers cookbook!

My book has been out for just over a month now and what a fantastic month it’s been. The publicity has been amazing and my book has been received with open arms by shops, newspapers, magazines and radio shows. So many people have said to me that I’ve hit a nerve – writing and styling a camping cookbook that contains fresh, healthy, easy to make recipes that look delicious and use minimal cooking equipment. I’ve also had so many positive...

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Camping lists!

If it’s not on the list, it won’t get packed! I have a ‘thing’ for lists. My mum gave me a note pad once called ‘my list of lists’ and I have an entire document folder on my computer entitled ‘lists’ and it is full of packing lists. My camping lists are doubtless the most used. I have a winter camping list, a summer camping list, a short trip list and a long trip list and so on and so on. My lists evolve as new equipment...

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Kids and camping

Our whole family loves camping, which is just as well really considering how often we do it! We all get something different out of it and I thought it was time to share some of the things that the kids love. Freedom! Our kids get the freedom to roam, the freedom to explore, the freedom to splash and the freedom to roar! Water…. They get to play in rivers, build dams, float on their backs and splash each other …. endlessly. They get to...

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Hungry Campers Cookbook