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Japanese shodo

Like many stylists I love typography and I have various random letters and words scattered around our house and once I even picked up a very large discarded letter ‘U’ during an early morning walk! But it isn’t just the alphabet that fascinates me, I also love shodo – the Japanese art of calligraphy. I was lucky enough to study this while living in Tokyo and find it a very peaceful way to relax. I’m not normally one for rules, but I...

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Gooey chocolate pudding

Recently we’ve become more adventurous with our desserts while we’re camping and I’ve set myself some challenges to create ever more delicious desserts cooked over a camp fire. This rich, gooey chocolate pudding is my latest creation and was most recently used to celebrate a friend’s 40th birthday while camping at Abercrombie River National Park. It’s a fantastic end to a meal eaten under the stars, but it can just as easily be cooked in...

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Camping at Burralow Creek

So spring has well and truly sprung in and around Sydney and the weather is so glorious it’s more like summer than spring, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to load up the car and head out for the weekend camping. We chose Burralow Creek, near Kurrajong Heights in the Blue Mountains National Park because we didn’t want to take time off work and this area is perfect as it’s only about a 90 minute drive from home. Although driving up in the...

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Pasta salad with bacon, avocado, rocket & cherry tomatoes

This salad is great to cook before heading out on a camping trip so you’ve got a healthy, filling meal to eat when you arrive or once you’ve set up your tent. Alternatively, cook this while you’re camping and if you know you’re going to be cooking this for lunch or dinner, cook extra bacon at breakfast and store it in your cool box until later. And of course it can be cooked at home too! Serves: 4 600-700 g cold cooked pasta (or 300...

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Vietnamese pork meatballs with lime dipping sauce

These delicious little meatballs are perfect for barbecuing or char-grilling. They also taste great cold, so pre-cook some and take them on a picnic or in your lunch box. These can also be prepared in advance then frozen – perfect to take for your first meal when you’re camping. The lettuce leaves, bean sprouts and mint leaves are easy to pack separately, but if that’s all too hard the meatballs are delicious on their own too....

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Hungry Campers Cookbook