Camping at Burralow Creek

So spring has well and truly sprung in and around Sydney and the weather is so glorious it’s more like summer than spring, so it wasn’t a difficult decision to load up the car and head out for the weekend camping. We chose Burralow Creek, near Kurrajong Heights in the Blue Mountains National Park because we didn’t want to take time off work and this area is perfect as it’s only about a 90 minute drive from home. Although driving up in the evening means arriving and having to set up our tent in the dark, it also means that when we wake up on Saturday morning we are all set up and have the whole weekend ahead of us.

Burralow Creek camping

On this trip we were with another two families and all the kids are great mates, which makes for happy kids and happy adults. As usual we did a check of the small river close by and ascertained that it was so shallow they were completely safe playing there without adult supervision. On all our camping trips, our kids get a lot of freedom to roam and explore the great outdoors. This is one of the huge appeals of camping – giving our kids the freedom they don’t get in their city lives. However, they also know they have to come back to camp regularly so we know they are all safe and in turn an adult will also wander down to whatever river is close by to see what they are up to. In the case of this trip, never has so much fun been had with a couple of logs across a river, yucky jelly-like brown algae and 5 kids! Bicycles were even wheeled across the logs while the other kids clapped and cheered. With the bikes on the other side of the river the possibilities for even greater adventures were endless. Oh happy times.

Logs across the river

Sitting on a tree trunk

From Burralow Creek campground it’s about a 20-25 minute walk to Bulcamatta Falls. The walk is interesting because it starts off as what I would term Australian bush, towering scribbly gum trees and other eucalyptus, a yellow dirt path and fallen trees and branches. But all of a sudden you realise it has become more like rain forest with masses of bright green ferns nestling under towering tree ferns, one of my favourite plants. Bulcamatta Falls themselves aren’t particularly spectacular during the day but at night they sparkle with strings of glow worms. If you’re walking from the campground at night, don’t forget your torch. To the kids the falls were another source of adventure and I lost count of the number of times they went back and forth.

Rocks and rain forest

Rolled up fern

As is usual for me I got stuck into the cooking. I prepared Friday night’s dinner before we left as although I don’t mind putting up a tent when I arrive in the dark, starting dinner from scratch isn’t so much fun. I made a pasta salad with bacon, avocado, roasted cherry tomatoes and rocket. This salad can be eaten warm or cold and as it was a cool evening I quickly heated it up in a frying pan over the fire that, luckily, our friends had built before we arrived. See here for the recipe.

Bright yellow flower

The whole weekend was wonderfully relaxing. I did go on a short walk, I couldn’t even call it a hike as it was just a stroll through the bush to see what we could spot and to see where the path lead to. The answers being lots more trees, a classic huge blue Australian sky and a path to nowhere!

Trees and blue sky

Probably the greatest excitement of the weekend was coming across a very large brown snake sunbathing by the toilet! I have no idea what type of snake it was, although as with all snakes I will presume it was venomous. I was in such a relaxed state of mind walking to the loo that when I saw it I barely reacted except to say to no-one in particular as I was alone “oh there’s a rather large snake” before it slithered back into its hole under the toilet! Future visits to the toilet weren’t such relaxed affairs, but the snake was never spotted again.

And finally, I also spent a bit of time during the weekend trying out some new recipes and I think I’ve perfected a rather delicious gooey chocolate pudding cooked in my camp oven, but I’ll save that for another time!

fire trail through the bushHomeward bound again!

For more PRACTICAL INFO about this campground click here

Water:  You’ll need to bring all your own water for drinking and washing.

Firewood: Fires are permitted in the steel fireplaces only. Bring your own firewood and kindling. Firewood can be bought from service stations in Richmond, North Richmond and Kurmond.

Facilities: There is one non-flush toilet, bring your own toilet paper. There are no showers or washing facilities.

Phone: There is mobile phone coverage.

Access: There are two routes in. From Kurrajong Heights, take the fire trail off Burralow Road, 4WD only. Alternatively from Bilpin take the Patterson Range Fire Trail, also 4WD although AWD should make it. The signpost for the Fire Trail is pretty hard to spot and if coming from the Richmond side is just before you get to Bilpin itself.

For more information about camping at Burralow Creek, go to:




  1. Oh you tease…! I may not have a camp oven but I bet I could replicate the conditions if you would just give out the gooey chocolate pudding recipe! Loving living vicariously through your blog, Katy! Just wish we could come and join in… Bx

    • You won’t have to wait too much longer, recipe for gooey chocolate pudding coming soon. Perfected on our camping trip this weekend. Watch this space.

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