Camping lists!

If it’s not on the list, it won’t get packed!

a list

I have a ‘thing’ for lists. My mum gave me a note pad once called ‘my list of lists’ and I have an entire document folder on my computer entitled ‘lists’ and it is full of packing lists.

My camping lists are doubtless the most used. I have a winter camping list, a summer camping list, a short trip list and a long trip list and so on and so on. My lists evolve as new equipment is bought or our requirements change, but I can’t think of a time when I haven’t gone camping and I haven’t been crossing off those final few things as everyone else is piling into the car. Although I’m sure trips would still be good if my pc crashed and no list could be printed off, for me, life is so much easier if I have the right tool for the job and if I have a list I know I have the tool.

And rather strangely I also get nostalgic for old lists! I’m sure you must be thinking I have far too much time on my hands if I think about these things.  But if I come across an old list it will have things like nappies, security blankets and musical box on it, all the things that we used to have to lug everywhere with us that we no longer need as the kids grow up. You might think it makes travelling a lot easier, but no, these things have just been replaced with other things like boogie boards, wetsuits and bicycles!

Another advantage to my list making is that when a friend who is new to camping asks me ‘what do I need?’ I just email them a list. But my obsession with my lists can have a downside – when I am unable to ‘think outside the list’. I get so hung up on what is ON the list I forget that maybe there is something missing from the list and it never gets packed! I’ve learnt from this too, so now I take a few minutes away from my list going through things that I might have forgotten. And, of course, if I do think of something it is immediately added to the list ready for updating that particular list on our return!

So here’s my tip, whether you’re new to camping or you’re a seasoned camper start a list, it will make finding things and packing that much quicker. Happy packing and happy camping!


  1. Ah yes the camping list. We have upgraded and now have it on the IPad (which of course is on the list!)

    I remember sitting down one day to write my camping list but first of all writing a list of the lists I needed to write! I think it went something like

    Grocery Shopping list
    Non Grocery Shopping list
    Things to do before we go away
    Instruction list for dog sitter
    Camping list (update IPad)

  2. As a new camper, the list provided by a more experienced camper is invaluable! Am heading off this weekend on a camping trip so putting my list together now…

  3. Just got back from London, where we had a lot to do in a fairly short – and finite – amount of time. So a weekly list where we could tick off items as they were completed was essential. Of course quite a few things were carried forward, but almost all were done in the end, including the final one of getting to the airport on time.

  4. Even as a seasoned camper it’s refreshing to look at another camper’s great list. Finding ways of improving your own camping experience is invaluable.

    Thanks Katie. Your list has certainly helped in lessening the stress of preparing 6 for a trip!

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