Pile of spoonsI don’t remember why my spoon collection started or which one was my first, but I have a thing about small Japanese spoons.

Spoon & sugar sm

Some are cute, others are stylish and some I just had to have but I can’t explain why.



I didn’t even realise I had a thing for small spoons until my husband suggested I use them as the design for my new business card. So I entrusted my collection of spoons to a local designer and she created the most beautiful image, one that is commented upon almost every time I hand over my card.

z Espresso & black spoon sm

What I do know is that I have a strict morning ritual when it comes to my coffee and my spoons! It’s a short black (or espresso to the rest of the world outside of Australia) with half a sugar and I can only use one of my lovely teaspoons to stir and they mustn’t be put in the dishwasher.

My collection isn’t enormous and I don’t seek them out nor do I buy every one that I see, but I do love my spoons. Sadly my lovely red teaspoon is starting to shed its lacquer – I have a sneaking suspicion someone has been putting it in the dishwasher!