Our whole family loves camping, which is just as well really considering how often we do it! We all get something different out of it and I thought it was time to share some of the things that the kids love.

Freedom! Our kids get the freedom to roam, the freedom to explore, the freedom to splash and the freedom to roar!

Playing upstream

Water…. They get to play in rivers, build dams, float on their backs and splash each other …. endlessly. They get to swim in the sea, hunt for shells and jump in the waves.

Balancing on a log

Trees …. Climbing trees, cycling around (and occasionally into!) trees, discovering new trees and checking out the amazing bark on scribbly gum trees. Looking up into the trees to spot possums, kookaburras and cockatoos.

Blue sky and tree

Fire…. Gathering bundles of kindling, building the perfect fire, poking sticks in the fire then cooking over the fire.

Gathering kindling

Animals…. Kangaroo, wallaby, dingo, emu, wombat, possum, platypus and snakes, the list is growing.

Mother & joey

Food…. Camp cooking is loads of fun and is a chance for the kids to get involved without worrying about a messy kitchen. Favourites are filled tortillas or pitta bread, honey and soy marinated sausages, damper on a stick (recipe here), decorating cupcakes (recipe here) or helping me create new recipes – especially if it’s cake!

Making damper

The daytime sky…. The home of wedge-tailed eagles, flocks of noisy galah and the endless expanse of a stunning blue, blue, blue Australian sky. It’s amazing what you can spot.


The night-time sky…. Constellation and satellite spotting. Following the length of the milky way and if they’re very lucky the rare thrill of a shooting star – quick make a wish.

Sleeping…. Crawling into a sleeping bag at the end of the day, reading by torch light, listening to mum and dad chatting quietly outside, drifting off to sleep hearing real (or imagined) wombats munching on the grass by the tent or the thump, thump, thump of a kangaroo hopping by.

In  their sleeping bags

Then silence! Camping is there anything better?

River kids

What do you love about camping?