What a fabulous month for the Hungry Campers cookbook!

Camping cookbook cover

My book has been out for just over a month now and what a fantastic month it’s been. The publicity has been amazing and my book has been received with open arms by shops, newspapers, magazines and radio shows. So many people have said to me that I’ve hit a nerve – writing and styling a camping cookbook that contains fresh, healthy, easy to make recipes that look delicious and use minimal cooking equipment. I’ve also had so many positive comments about the photos of family and friends who appear in the book. I was a little worried that it might be too much, but it seems not. I always wanted these kinds of shots in the book to make it genuine and add some reality. And as a bonus, what an amazing record our family now has of this particular time in our life.

Cooking while camping


So, pretty much every Australian state newspaper has done a review or asked me to write an article, several women’s magazines including marie claire, taste.com.au, NW and Women’s Day have reviewed it, an article I wrote about cooking while camping  has been taken up by tonnes of fantastic websites and I am currently in the middle of a busy schedule of radio interviews. Wow, what more could I ask for?

The radio interviews were nerve-racking to start with, but I soon realised that there isn’t anything controversial in my book for the presenters to trip me up on, the radio presenters are interested in it and I’m the expert! The questions have been varied and apart from forgetting where one campground is (yes I know, I know Honeymoon Bay is in Jervis Bay!) I haven’t faltered in any of them. The only slightly off-putting thing that happened was when the airport changed the flight path schedule just as I was about to do a live phone-in interview, so every couple of minutes a plane would take off rather loudly pretty close to our house. At one point, the presenter interrupted me to jokingly announce “there goes flight QF77”!

I’ve also been having lots of fun finding my book in the shops and, of course, rearranging it to give it pole position. Move over Jamie and Nigella that’s my spot!

So a heartfelt thanks to everyone who has bought, or who is intending to buy, my book, to all the newspapers, magazines, websites and radio presenters who have been plugging my book and for all the lovely comments I’m getting, it’s been a wonderful month.

camping casserole

Camping salad

Now, time to get started on the next one!

The Hungry Campers Cookbook is available in Australia from BigW, Myer, ABC bookstores, independent bookstores and on-line. Available in the UK from Amazon.co.uk and in bookstores from May 2014.

Photography Natasha Milne (copyright Explore Australia Publishing)


  1. YAY!! go Katy – that is fantastic. Well done honey xxxx

  2. Hi Katie,
    Is it possible to order your book direct, either by phone or on line. We are 3 yrs into a 12 yr trip around Aust and enjoy our cooking, and not necessarily only the basic type. We carry a box garden of fresh herbs and are set up for general cooking inside the van, BBQ cooking outside and on the Campfire as well, Love our Food.

    From what I can see you have done a great job with the book and would love to get hold of one.

    Best wishes Russ Voysey

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