Katy’s aim is to write recipes that look good, taste great and are easy to cook

When writing recipes, Katy draws inspiration from many areas, including family life and her travels around the world. Combined, these experiences help her create recipes using ingredients that are easy to buy, quick and simple to prepare and with an end result that is healthy and delicious.

Katy has written several cookbooks and contributed recipes to many others. She has also been the Food Editor on many books, including the Cornersmith cafe cookbook, The Lord Howe Island Cookbook, Adriano Zumbo's Zumbo Files, James Viles's Biota, Neil Perry's  "The Food I Love", Tessa Kiros's "Falling Cloudberries" and The Golden Door Cookbook. Check out the latest books page for Katy's latest cookbook.

Katy currently writes the food pages for marie claire magazine.

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